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Smoking Cessation 4 Week Program

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It takes on average 9 attempts, before someone actually quits smoking.  Research also shows that those who have support, are more successful at quitting than those with no support.

I have created a 4 week program to help support individuals in their journey.  Make this be your LAST time you try to QUIT. 

Make the decision to QUIT SMOKING in 4 weeks. 

  • Initial Consultation – 30 minutes.
  • Weekly Check-Ins – 15 minutes
  • Weekly Vitamin B shot’s
  • Weekly Acupuncture (uses NADA* protocol)
  • Includes supporting materials (journal, pencil, unlimited emails)
  • Optional Add-on:
    • Customized IV vitamins
    • Full Acupuncture treatment

STARlite – Body Transformation Program

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I know what it is like to carry on a little extra weight, but I also know what it takes to lose it.  I have tried a number of different diets over the years, and I have been able to take the best of what I have learned, and created a program that was successful for me – and hopefully will do that for you to..

Time to get your SHAPE in SHAPE!


  •  Includes the initial assessment (60 minutes)
  • Physical Exam, laboratory investigation appointment (45 min)
  • Lab work included
  • 4 week Program = 4 x 15 min. weekly appointments; 1 x 30 min. 1 month post apt.
  • 6 week Program = 6 x 15 min. weekly appointments; 1 x 30 min. 1 month post apt.
  • Vitamin B shots during weekly appointments.
  • Unlimited e-mail support