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The Benefits Of Mindfulness Therapy

June 20, 2016 All, Mental Health, Naturopathic Medicine by Aaron Van Gaver


Those who struggle with mental illness and depression often look for unconventional methods when dealing with their issues. There is nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box, especially when it comes to making sure that our minds are working with us, instead of against us.

When you cannot seem to get your mind to focus on the present moment, mindfulness therapy can provide you with the tools needed to get back on track. Please read on in order to learn more about the myriad of benefits that mindfulness therapy has to offer.

1. Full Engagement In Activities

Are you the type of person who can’t seem to focus on the task at hand without worrying about what tomorrow has in store? If you are unable to remain present in the current moment, mindfulness therapy is just what the doctor ordered. There is no reason to live in the past or get caught up in worries of the future and thanks to mindfulness therapy, you no longer have to remain a prisoner in your own mind.

2. Dealing With Setbacks

Mental illness and depression can trick us into thinking that we will be happy once bad things stop happening to us and we no longer have to deal with setbacks. But guess what? Setbacks and adverse events are going to keep on happening, no matter what. With mindfulness therapy, you equip yourself with the necessary skill set for dealing with these problems as they occur.

3. Decreased Self Medicating

A person who cannot escape feelings of depression and is struggling with a mental illness may begin to use drugs or alcohol to numb themselves. While substance abuse can provide a temporary escape from our problems, they always return once we’re sober and by practicing mindfulness, you can avoid the temptation to self medicate.

4. Increased Acceptance

One of the reasons why people struggle to overcome their past regrets and their future fears is a lack of acceptance. When painful emotions arise, our first instinct is to react in an unfavourable manner or even blame ourselves. Mindfulness therapy teaches to accept the things that have already happened to us and cannot be changed and gives us a different perspective on how to live a happy and well adjusted existence.

5. Better Physical Well Being

When we struggle with mental illness and depression, this can take a physical toll on our bodies, as well. Mindfulness therapy and mindfulness techniques lead to a decrease in stress and anxiety, lower the blood pressure and improve sleeping patterns. Improving our mental health significantly helps to improve our physical health and alleviates a wide range of chronic issues that keep us from functioning at our best.