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Staying Active during the Fall Season! – Tips to staying healthy.

October 5, 2017 All, Detox, Naturopathic Medicine by Aaron Van Gaver

Hello everyone — did you miss me?

I decided I needed to take a little rest and relaxation over the past few months – but time has arrived for me to get back to blogging.

October has arrived, and this is the time that the days start to shorten, the nights are getting colder, and our typical outdoor activities change.

Exercise is an important part to staying health, and for many (including myself) find it hard to stay motivated once the Fall and Winter season starts to hit.

My recommendations to staying active during the Fall Season:

– 5 days of activity per week ( running, jogging, brisk walking, weight lifting, cross fit etc).
> 45min to 60min of activity would be ideal

– 2 days off (but not really off – just not as intense).
> maybe go for a walk with friends, go for a light hike, or even spend the day shopping (not online)

– Water: Make sure you are remembering to drink your water. 2L of water per day is a good amount
> you can count water that you get from things like herbal teas as well as water dense foods

Can you take a day off and just sit on the couch all day and watch Netflix? Sure — but maybe get out side for a bit and get some fresh air.

The goal is to increase you activity level! Any level greater than what you are doing now would be perfect.

Thank for reading everyone — time to get back to my blogs.

Dr. Aaron