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Dissociative Identity Disorder

January 30, 2017 All, Depression, Mental Health, Naturopathic Medicine, Personality Disorder by Aaron Van Gaver

Previously known as multiple personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder is one of the more complex psychological conditions that a person can experience. It can be caused by a variety of different, as those who have been through childhood trauma or abuse are particularly susceptible to the onset of the disorder.

Mild dissociation is a common experience, as most of us have gotten lost in a moment or a dream. But when these feelings become more serious and the person is unable to discern a connection between their own thoughts and memories, they may be diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. There are a number of effects involved with the disorder, so let’s take a closer look.

What Are The Effects Caused By Dissociative Identity Disorder?

If the person has two split identities that are continuously battling for control of their behaviour, this is a common symptom of dissociative identity disorder. Those who experience this disorder also have an extreme amount of difficulty recalling certain facts about themselves, in a manner that cannot be chalked up to the mere forgetfulness of humans.

Memories tend to variate greatly, depending on the severity of the disorder. The ability to remember fluctuates with the split in their personality. Each identity comes with its own age, gender and even racial identity.

Both sides of the personality have their own manner of speech, their own postures and their own gestures. The manner in which they speak may also be completely different, as the words they use and the accent in which they are spoken will typically differ greatly.

The alter egos might be imaginary and they may even be an animal. Once both personalities have fully revealed themselves and start to control their own thoughts and feelings, this is known as a “switch The process of switching may take only a few seconds or it may unfold over the course of days.

Herschel Walker’s Struggle With The Disorder:

While the idea of a professional football legend struggling with dissociative identity disorder may be difficult to fathom, Herschel Walker has been remarkably open on the topic and willing to discuss it in an open forum, turning his late night musings into a popular book, entitled Breaking Free.

Seeing celebrities like Walker speak frankly about their battles with DID removes the societal stigma surrounding the disorder. He created the separate personality to cope with problems that he experienced in the past and thanks to his openness, he has become a powerful advocate for those affected by the disorder.

What If I Begin To Experience These Effects?

If you or a loved one begins to experience the symptoms listed above, this is a sure sign that you need medical assistance. Be sure to contact a mental health provider as possible.