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Hormone Imbalance.

February 6, 2015 Functional Lab Testing, Hormones, Naturopathic Medicine by Aaron Van Gaver

When it comes to hormones, many people (both men and women) have hormone imbalances (both high and/or low) and not realize that the symptoms they are feeling are due to hormone dysregulation.    Hormones may be out of balance for many different reasons.  Some common factors include stress, menopause, age, surgeries, immune disease, illness or genetics.

For men, if testosterone is too low some common symptoms are irritability and grumpiness along with decreased sex drive, and increased breast size.  A male with hormone imbalances may also have symptoms of apathy, depression, bone loss, erectile dysfunction, memory loss, weight gain or an enlarged prostate.

For women, they may experience infertility, PMS, mood swings, anxiety and painful periods.  They may also have sleep disturbance, night sweats, hot flashes, increased bone loss, depression, irritability, or weight gain.  

If any of these symptoms are sounding familiar to you, you may be interested in making an appointment to discuss hormone testing.

Hormone testing is a salivary test that can help in diagnosing and obtaining the body’s hormone levels, and any imbalances that may be present in order to help diagnose and guide a treatment protocol to get your body and mind feeling healthy, and fix any unwanted hormonal imbalance symptoms.

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