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Kelly Osbourn And Her Life Of Drugs And Rehab

November 2, 2015 Addiction, All, Naturopathic Medicine, Recovery coaching by Aaron Van Gaver

Kelly Michelle Lee Osborn is the second of three children born to the famous leader of band, Black Sabbath; Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Sharron. Living with a famous star father who was always on the roller coaster ride of drugs, rehab, recovery and then more drugs; Kelly grew up in a volatile home. Though born in London England in 1984; her home became California, USA by her teen years.

By the time Kelly was eight, her father had found a sober life and he was concerned for his children. He sat them all down when Kelly was eight years old and told them all that they had to beware, because at least one of them if not all of them would have the “addiction gene”.

Who knows what message that gave the young child, but by her teens she was drinking alcohol and taking a variety of drugs. As they do, her drug habit grew and she soon found her drug of choice was the powerful pain killer Vicodin. At one point, besides the alcohol she consumed, Kelly was consuming 60 of the powerful Vicodin pills per day.

Kelly has had success as a singer, reality television performer and a fashion design career. But she was anything but happy. She once stated that people thought she was drugging it up because she was a spoiled, rich, party girl who indulged to have fun. In fact she was miserable. She felt lonely and left out and she wanted to take something to make her feel not worthless.

In 2006, Kelly checked herself into rehab for the first time. Though everyone hoped that was the end of her self-destruction; she began the same drug induced lifestyle of her father. She went through periods of sobriety followed by periods of frazzled working. The over-work would send her back to her love of drugs and the cycle would continue.

Kelly has always suffered from anxiety and has always had trouble with the often unkind light that shone on her and her family. When she suffered from her weight problems, she would not suffer in private. Radio hosts and television personalities would comment. That must have been crushing for a young girl. She went to doctors and they gave her medications for anxiety and with the anti-anxiety meds and the pain meds; Kelly found she could cope.

Kelly is living a sober life now. She has recently completed her third round with rehab. Though she has tough days, her support system of her family never fails her. Kelly is engaged to be married and the stress of the wedding brings mood swings of its own. But Kelly is strong and she will survive.

We wish Kelly nothing but the best in her new life.