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STARLite Diet — 5 Phase Diet – to help you lose weight!

July 21, 2015 Addiction, Allergy, Healthy Eating, Hormones, Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition by Aaron Van Gaver

It is astounding how many patients come to me struggling with weight-loss,
and I can completely empathize!  After recently losing over 25lbs on my new Phase
5 diet, I have started using it with patients and so far the results are amazing! I am
enjoying watching my patients transform – many who have tried numerous
methods to drop the pounds.  Weight loss can be a very discouraging cycle
especially when it feels that all options have been exhausted.  This is why it is
extremely important to address weight-loss from an individual perspective taking
into account multiple aspects of health – not just the typical diet and exercise

Diet is only one piece of the weight loss puzzle. There is no formula that fits
all, rather an individualized formula works best – often a combination of diet,
exercise, and other health and lifestyle modifications to address whatever individual
imbalances are present.

Diet and exercise are only two aspects that must be addressed for weight-
loss. These are the usual suspects in any weight-loss program, but it is also VITAL to
look at other aspects of an individual’s lifestyle and health.  These include STRESS –
no surprise there! As well as hormonal imbalances, sleep habits, and food allergies.  

Too often I have worked with patients who think they are eating a  ‘healthy’ diet
only to be consuming a number of allergenic foods.  Not only are they failing to lose
any weight, but they also feel horrible!  By removing allergens, the pounds often
begin to shed.

Stress of all kinds affects the body and can impact weight-loss from multiple
angles. Exhaustion due to long-term stress negates exercise and healthy eating
efforts.  Being too tired to go to the gym is something I often observe. Stress eating is
another common problem that perpetuates the cycle. During acute or chronic stress
eating habits and cravings shift – potentially contributing to weight gain and
negating weight loss efforts.  

Stress is intricately connected with hormonal imbalances when it comes to
weight-loss.  Imbalances in stress hormones, especially cortisol, are major
contributors in the struggle to maintain a healthy weight.   

Hormonal imbalances is a huge topic – it deserves an article of its own (look
for it next week)!  In tune with my naturopathic philosophy, addressing hormonal
imbalances is incredibly individual.   There are a few common patterns and culprit
hormones. These include: cortisol, thyroid hormone, and growth hormone.

These imbalances that contribute to weight gain or the inability to lose
weight are perpetuated by stress and sleep disturbances.  You can see how
intertwined they all are. Like domino’s, if you disrupt one, the others are also

If you are concerned about your weight or have struggled to maintain a
healthy weight, book a consult and we can discuss your individual needs to create a
targeted approach that works for you!