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What to do if you are stressed out?

November 7, 2014 All by Aaron Van Gaver


When it comes to our daily lives, there are lots of things that can cause stress or anxiety.  We all experience this at least once in a while and so here are some ways to help support our bodies during these times.  * Note, this is only a way to help support the body, and not a substitute for treatment.

One of the main ways to help our bodies deal with stress and anxiety is to eat healthy and give our bodies the nutrients it needs.  Here are some simple and helpful suggestions.

Eat breakfast– Gives you energy to start your day, and by adding some protein it’ll help regulate blood sugar levels and keep you full longer.

Eat complex carbohydrates– complex carbs such as quinoa, oatmeal or whole grains release their sugars into your blood stream slower and increase the hormone serotonin which has a calming effect in the body.  If only sugary foods and simple carbs are eaten, it can create restlessness and increase anxiety symptoms in the body.

Drink lots of water and either limit or avoid alcohol
– Dehydration can have effects on your mood, and although alcohol can have a calming effect at first in the body, it can later lead to feeling edgy and interfere with sleep.  Alcohol can also dehydrate you and cause physical symptoms that trigger anxiety attacks.  Alcohol can also be a depressant in the body.

Limit Caffeine– Caffeine can have different effects in different people, but it can make you have feelings of nervousness which mimic the signs of anxiety.  Caffeine also interferes with sleep, and when someone is anxious or stressed, sleep is very important.

Eat a balanced diet– In order to keep good mental and physical health, a healthy diet is very important.  

A balance of fruits and vegetables, omega-3’s and vitamins such as B-vitamins and magnesium are all very important in helping deal with stress and anxiety.  Another important consideration is food sensitivities (such as food preservatives or dairy).  Some foods can present as physical reactions in the body that may lead to irritability, anxiety and mood changes.

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