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Addiction Recovery Centres: The Orchard

September 12, 2016 Addiction, Addiction Recovery, All, Depression, Mental Health, Naturopathic Medicine, Recovery coaching by Aaron Van Gaver

The Orchard offers a range treatment options which vary from 10-day episodes to 28, 42 and then 90 days with extended stay programs. These programs have standard primary care as well as continuing primary care programs that provide a direct and structured support system for over one year.

Orchard programs

1.    Primary care

This phase is the keystone of lasting recovery. The addiction recovery program is designed using a multifaceted process and also integrating the balance of clinical interventions, holistic modalities and 12 step recovery.

Upon arrival, participants will receive;

•    Diagnostic assessment which is evidence based.

•    Private and group therapy in the company of expert addiction counsellors.

•    Medical evaluation and detox procedure/monitoring by ABAM certified addictions Physicians.

•    Life skills strategies along with a goal-oriented plan.

•    Well proven and esteemed methodologies such as trauma-informed therapy, integrative recovery and 12 steps.

•    Psycho-Spiritual development which is based on the member’s values and requirements.

•    Relapse prevention workshops, seminars, workbooks with a clinically appraised aftercare plan as a part of the integrative recovery procedures.

•    Weekly family programming as well as scheduled visiting times.

Clients also have access to a holistic curriculum, and it includes Yoga on a weekly basis, mindfulness, art therapy classes and music lessons. The facility also has stress relief morning practice which is done on their 2,800 sq. Ft. Onsite fitness facility.

They also have nature walks and wellness seminars. The seminars are educational and cover vital topics and problems in early recovery.

2.    Detox

 The medically assisted detox offers the safest approach and results in a reduction of the severity of symptoms which are associated with alcohol and opiate withdrawal. Dr Fay, an award-winning doctor and his medical team assess and manage the symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

Detox is mostly the initial phase of the treatment, and it is integrated into the multi-faceted program of the Orchard, which embraces organized sleep, consistent hydration, nutritious meals, clinical intervention and peer support.

The readiness to partake in all aspects of the program is determined by the Orchard’s clinical team.

3.    Extended care

Choosing the important next step offers the opportunity to extend the recovery experience as well as integrating recovery into everyday life. At this stage, participants have unlimited access to Orchard’s psychiatrists and physicians. They can also enjoy private or group therapy with other persons and expert addiction counsellors.

4.    Continuing care

Orchard continuing care is modelled after the research that confirms that a proper continuing care plan after residential treatment is essential to long-term sobriety. The Orchard clients have to work with their counsellors and step coach to build a personalized aftercare treatment plan which is both manageable and effective.

They also have alumni benefits which include;

–    Weekly and monthly checkups for one year.

–    An option of contacting the Orchard team for support, 24/7.

–    Friends of the Orchard Meetings, which are held in West Vancouver.

–    Monthly alumni days

–    Weekly Dinner and Alumni seminar at the Orchard.

The Orchard also offers family programs for family members of alcoholics who have somehow been affected by the dependency.

To find out more about The Orchard:  check out http://orchardrecovery.com