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LifeRing: Understanding How To Deal With Addiction

August 29, 2016 Addiction, Addiction Recovery, Mental Health, Naturopathic Medicine, Recovery coaching by Aaron Van Gaver

You will find helpful information at LifeRing Secular Recovery if you are very much concerned about getting free from substance abuse, gaming and internet disorder or problem gambling. Life Ring offers a variety of programs that are aimed at correcting addiction and restoring normalcy.

Understanding Addiction

When a person has an unhealthy relationship with an activity or substance such as gambling, drugs, and/or alcohol, it is said to be an addiction. This relationship is considered as unhealthy because contrary to their wishes and desires, individuals continue to indulge in the act.

For instance, despite being unable to afford gambling, these individuals still continue to gamble; they cannot just resist it. Some individuals who smoke may want to quit smoking but are unable to do so. Others find it difficult to stay a day without using painkillers and so in order to get through their day, they need to sustain the feeling by taking more and more.

Treating Addiction at Life Ring

LifeRing Secular Recovery is basically a global network of individuals who are self-directed, secular, and sober. From addiction to alcohol to other drugs that are non-medically indicated, the abstinence-based organization is established to help individuals and the community at large.

While working in co-operation with local addiction, mental health, and health care providers, Life Ring functions as a community-based service that is set to provide assessment, screening, addiction treatment and treatment planning services to individuals who are concerned about gaming disorder, substance use and/or problem gambling. Life Ring seeks to provide family members with quality support, education, and treatment.

At Life Ring, peer-to-peer support is offered in many ways which are aimed at improving continued learning and encouraging personal growth through personal empowerment. This method is relatively centred on sharing, refining and developing personal strategies necessary for structuring a rewarding life and promoting continued abstinence in recovery.

A holistic face-to-face approach is employed to help both individuals and families deal with problems related to addiction. This method is aimed at discovering the needs of individual and helping them find the assistance they need to overcome their situation. All these are tailored to suit their specific needs and situations.

To find out more about Life Ring – check out http://lifering.org/