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Addiction Treatment Centres: Narconon

October 10, 2016 Addiction, Addiction Recovery, Depression, Mental Health, Naturopathic Medicine, Recovery coaching by Aaron Van Gaver

Narconon aims to provide a path for rehabilitation from abuse of drugs and also to help the society prevent the scourge of drugs all over the globe. They employ the use of an evidence-based drug-free method to help individuals enslaved by alcohol and drugs to create new lives filled with productivity and purpose.

The organization also offers training to people and organization who seek workable drug prevention and rehabilitation solution.

Short history of Narconon

Narconon was coined from “no narcotics” and the rehabilitation program is for people who wish to end their drug addiction and lead drug-free lives. The program addresses the debilitating effects of abuse on the body and mind and also why an individual turned to drugs in the first instance.

The program is set on the research and writings of the founder of Scientology as a religion, L. Ron Hubbard. However, the organization is not a religious body, and members are not indoctrinated by joining the program.

The centres use the research to assist members to overcome the physical and emotional causes of the addiction and end their craving for substances that may lead to a relapse.

The organization has a worldwide network of at least 45 rehab centres. Centres are spread out all over Australia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, U.K, and Canada.

Program components:

The program is precise and uses steps to address every aspect of addiction to help the participants overcome the negative effects for themselves and others around them.

The Narconon program uses unique procedures to help drug addicts over their dependencies since addiction is never inherited or incurable.

The program commences with a drug-free withdrawal to assist the participant stay away from drugs rapidly and also comfortably. Specialists monitor the withdrawal program, and they help the individuals handle pain. They monitor food, fluid, sleep and general progress during this time.

Another program is the new life detoxification program, and this program follows a discovery by the organization’s founder. Apparently, drug residues are trapped in the fatty tissues of the body and can be reactivated after a long time. These residues must be removed entirely to end the effects on the mental and physical health of an individual. It eliminates all toxins from drugs and alcohol and decreases physical craving for alcohol and drugs. Elements of this program include dry sauna, running exercises, to encourage sweating and nutrition to help the person sleep.

Life skill courses are offered as well, and this course helps them to overcome ups and downs in life. They also learn personal values to help them recognize their obligations and be able to take responsibility for actions they make. They also learn to change conditions in life to teach them to handle challenging situations.

Lastly, participants get to watch instructional videos that demonstrate the theory and procedure of the different aspects of the program. The video also highlights how they can collaborate and come out of their drug dependency.

The program of Narconon may last as long as 12 weeks, and this allows the students learn at their own pace.

For more information contact http://narconon.ca