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Edgewood: Addiction Help Services

October 24, 2016 Addiction, Addiction Recovery, Mental Health, Naturopathic Medicine, Recovery coaching by Aaron Van Gaver

Addiction is referred to as an “unhealthy relationship” because individuals continue to do it more than they wish to regardless of the negative consequences involved. Before any individual can be said to be an “addict”, he or she must meet any three of the following criteria.

–    Inability to reduce use even when there is a desire to do so.

–    Withdrawal when not engaged.

–    Spending quality time and energy on the activity or substance. These include chain smoking, spending excessive, regular hours in a casino, seeing multiple doctors for prescription, always involved in a crash or hangover etc.

–    Tendency to avoid important recreational, occupational or social activities as a result of using this substance or engaging in this activity.

–    More participation in “addictive” activity than expected or desired.

–    Despite knowing that constant participation can cause problems and worsen symptoms there seem to be uncontrolled use of substance.   

Treating Addiction at Edgewood

Edgewood offers both an outpatient (Vancouver) and inpatient (Nanaimo) program for those struggling with an addiction or behavioural issue like gambling.  More recently Edgewood has started working with individuals struggling with a sex addiction – one of Vancouver’s first program dedicated to working with sexual addiction.

For more information: please contact http://edgewood.ca