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Eminem – more than just a Rapper – he is an inspiration to drug addicts around the world.

September 17, 2015 Addiction, Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, Recovery coaching by Aaron Van Gaver

As arguably the biggest rapper on the planet, Eminem made quite a name for himself with his drug fuelled, controversial exploits. From rapping about the pleasures of swimming in an ocean of prescription medication, Ecstasy and marijuana to his present day persona as a spokesman for the awesome powers of rehabilitation, it is safe to say the man who is also known as Slim Shady (or his given name, Marshall Mathers) has come a long way.

While Eminem’s first few albums were filled with odes to the powers of hallucinogenic mushrooms and other drug cocktails, his recent material has taken on an added sense of self awareness. He even dedicated an entire album to the process of rehab, which was entitled Recovery.

Eminem’s battle with prescription pills stems from his childhood and he has claimed that his mother would slip non prescribed medications into his meals and ply him with drugs when he would misbehave. By the time he became a superstar rapper, he turned himself into a recluse, spending his days and nights holed up inside of his Detroit mansion.

During this tumultuous time period, Eminem admits to taking up to 60 Valium pills each day and as many as 30 Vicodin. Tabloids had a field day when Eminem was caught on camera during a fast food run looking more like the M&M candies than the rap superstar everyone knew and loved.

It took a near methadone overdose for Eminem to finally decide to commit himself to becoming clean, as his doctor told him that he was within mere hours of death. While he did experience a relapse after this brush with death, he soon checked himself into rehab and has reportedly been clean since 2008.

Like many drug addicts, Eminem leaned on his friends for support. Elton John became an unlikely mentor to him during this difficult time period and another rap superstar who also struggled with drug abuse, T.I., also made sure to check in on his pal. Eminem even confessed to T.I. that he knew he was a drug addict, since he was voluntarily putting himself in harm’s way.

Now, Eminem serves as a powerful example to other drug addicts, providing inspiration to those who are currently in dark places. He made it through the rehab cycle and came out on the other side, better than he has ever been, with his mind, body and creative juices fully intact.