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Selena Gomez — ever heard of her? The young starlet struggles with Addiction

September 30, 2015 Addiction, All, Naturopathic Medicine, Recovery coaching by Aaron Van Gaver

Selena Gomez is one of the last celebrities who anyone could picture in a rehabilitation centre. The fresh faced Disney starlet decided that she was in need of help during a recent rough patch and decided to come clean about her own struggles with addiction. At a We Day conference in Oakland, she told the crowd about how she had lost sight of who she truly was as a person and had succumbed to the temptations of peer pressure.

She had voluntarily checked herself into rehab in January and broke her silence on the topic in March. Her stint in rehab was not because of substance abuse and came on the heels of a canceled tour. Selena believed that her years of hard work and dedication were catching up to her and keeping her from being the best person she can be.

Selena’s rehabilitation took place over the course of two weeks, at Arizona’s Meadows rehab centre. While Selena has yet to admit to any usage of drugs or alcohol, the tabloids, such as Radar Online, alleged that Gomez was struggling with a variety of addictive substances. This included marijuana, Ambien and Xanax.

Whether she was partaking in the use of marijuana and prescription medications or not, Selena’s family became very worried about the mind state of the young starlet. After spending her teenage years working harder than most adults, they had become concerned that she was headed for a burnout.

Her parents and the people are closest to her urged her to seek help immediately. Sources even told TMZ that they believed Gomez’ problems were exacerbated by the presence of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Bieber’s issues with drugs and alcohol are well documented and it is believed that spending time with him and his hard partying pals only made matters worse.

Working nonstop for years on end will take a toll on just about anyone and Gomez deserves a level of respect for taking the bull by the horns and fixing the issue before it had a chance to derail a very promising acting and singing career. Even though there is a certain level of dispute regarding the true reason for Selena’s stay in rehab, what cannot be argued is that it did her a world of good.

Since exiting rehab and admitting it to her fans, Selena’s star continues to rise. Her recent single, entitled Good For You, has skyrocketed up the charts, currently nestled in the top 5 of Billboard’s pop charts.

With roles in the highly anticipated sequels to the smash hit films Hotel Transylvania and Neighbours under her belt, Gomez’ mission to better herself is well under her way. She is living proof that rehabilitation can reverse the damaging effects of addiction, even if it is not drug or alcohol related.