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Myer’s Cocktail’s and High Dosage Vitamin C IV’s

January 27, 2014 All, Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, Vitamin Therapy by Aaron Van Gaver

I am often asked what is the BEST way to get Vitamins into your body.  Well, that’s easy — eat good food — chew it a bunch of times —–there you go!

That may seem easy for some people — for a lot of us, our busy lives prevent us from always getting the proper balance of nutrients.

That is why I have been a big supporter of High Dosage Vitamin Infusions (also known as the Myer’s cocktail).  By by-passing the gut and liver, the Myer’s cocktail administers 3 grams, 10 grams even 50 grams of Vitamin C — there would be no way of getting this high of dosage through oral means (if you did, you would be spending the day on the toilet).

When do I recommend IV Vitamins?

  1. Low Energy and Fatigue 
  2. Taking a trip on an airplane or train 
  3. Getting a cold 
  4. Wanting to stay healthy 

For more information on how Vitamin IV’s can help you — please check out the blow pdf which outlines the benefits of the Myer’s cocktail.


pdf Download Myer’s Cocktail Research Article (PDF, 82 kb)