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Starting your day with a nice glass of Lemon Water

January 15, 2014 All, Healthy Eating, Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition by Aaron Van Gaver

If you look look at most “Detox” protocols out there — you are going to see water and lemons — and a lot of time Lemon Water.  I figured I would share with everyone my recipe for Lemon Water.


1 or 2 organic lemons
2L glass pitcher
Room temperature water

Before bedtime — Take 1 or 2 organic lemons and wash them well.  Cut in Quarters, and squeeze them into a 2 L glass pitcher of water.  Set this on the counter over night.

In the morning take the lemons out, and squeeze them really well.  You can also grate a little rind into the water.

This is you new lemon water.  Keep this in the fridge now, and enjoy drinking this (especially in the morning upon waking).

Dr. Aaron